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The Volkswagen Range

VW may stand for Volkswagen - the people's car - but that doesn't mean their models are ordinary. The Golf is a modern masterpiece and we will have two ‘top of the rangers' to choose from.

VW has come a long way since their earliest days when the concept of the Volkswagen was created by Ferdinand Porsche with the company now a major global force in car manufacturing. VW is at the forefront of pioneering developments in design technology and environmental initiatives. This means the company never stand still - and that's why, some 36 years after development of the first Golf GTI, there's now another generation of this legendary ‘hot hatch'. Avis Prestige has the VW Scirocco and has placed orders for the new Golf GTD. Both have the sharp dynamics, responsive engine and driver involvement of the original GTI. And both are much cleaner, safer and more efficient than their predecessors.

Available Cars