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Mercedes Viano 8 Seats
Minimum age 25 yrs   8 Passengers   4 Large Cases   4 Small Cases   Automatic   5 Doors
Air Conditioning   Power Steering   Sat Nav   Alloy Wheels   24 Hour Breakdown   Climate Control
Diesel   Airbag   CD Player   Leather        

Requirements are not always straight-forward. What if you need refinement but also want to seat eight people? What if you need a large vehicle but also manoeuvrability and forward visibility? The Mercedes Viano neatly reconciles these contradictory needs.

 It's a big vehicle, we offer the larger 8-seat version, but it still has a relatively tight turning circle and a near vertical tailgate and parking sensors help in a tight spot. The interior is massive and versatile, with a comfortable and upmarket feel to the rear passenger accommodation. In fact, all round, there's probably no better way to transport eight people in style!

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