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BMW 5 Series

Min age: 25 yrs
5 Seats
2 Large Cases
2 Small Cases
4 Doors
Automatic (AT)

The 5-Series BMW is one of those cars where performance, refinement and comfort are absolute givens. So, expectations are high and they are not disappointed. Suffice to say that the 5-Series is the complete executive saloon.

We are proud to offer the BMW 5-Series for hire as a part of the Avis Prestige Executive Saloon range available for delivery from London, All London Heathrow Terminals, Manchester and in Scotland.

Inside there's everything you could demand of an executive car - highly refined interior, incredible levels of comfort and excellent driving position thanks to a multi-adjustable seat and steering wheel. A 520 litre, well-configured boot will cater for your luggage requirements and fuel economy is assisted by BMW's Efficient Dynamics fuel-saving programme.

The BMW 5-Series car is top of its class, with bags of driving pleasure at your disposal and ready for you to hire today.

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