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Range Rover

We are proud to offer you the opportunity to experience the epitome of automotive luxury and performance with a collection of Range Rover vehicles available to hire from Avis Prestige.

Renowned for its iconic design, impeccable craftsmanship and handling capabilities, Range Rover vehicles are the ultimate car hire choice for those seeking refinement, comfort and adventure all in one place.

New Range Rover Evoque P300e Dynamic HSE
With the New Range Rover Evoque, ensure you have ample boot space for all of your luggage.
Range Rover Velar P440e Dynamic SE Hybrid
Range Rover Velar P440e Dynamic HSE
Meet the Range Rover Velar P440e Dynamic HSE with the newest wellness features and fully linked infotainment from Avis Prestige.

Range Rover Sport P440e Dynamic SE
Range Rover Sport P440e Dynamic SE
Performance, style, and refinement come together in the P440e Dynamic SE, a plug-in hybrid version of the Range Rover Sport.
Range Rover Sport Dynamic SE
Range Rover Sport Dynamic SE
The Range Rover Sport Dynamic SE combines dynamic performance with distinctive style to offer a refined driving experience.
Range Rover P400e Autobiography PHEV
Range Rover P440e SE
The Range Rover P440e PHEV is a plug-in hybrid with the classic style and sophistication you can expect.
The New Range Rover
Range Rover P400 SE
Offering superior refinement and luxury, the Range Rover P400 SE is a modern take on the classic SUV. Hire this sophisticated and comfortable vehicle from Avis Prestige.

The Range Rover Range

Each Range Rover is characterised by its sleek lines and attention to detail, demanding attention wherever it goes. Step inside and be greeted by an interior that exudes luxury, with sumptuous leather seats and personalised technological features. From the ultimate petrol performance of the New Range Rover Sport to the attractive plug-in hybrid The New Range Rover P440e PHEV; drive the definition of automotive excellence with Avis Prestige car hire.

Experience a driving experience that is both exhilarating and refined with a Range Rover car hire from Avis Prestige, where power, precision and luxury combine.

Prestige Range Rover Car Hire 

With Avis Prestige, you can immerse yourself in a world of prestige automotive excellence. Our meticulously curated Range Rover fleet ensures you will be driving in style and comfort as you take a road trip across the UK, whether it’s for a special occasion or a simple business trip.

Our host of exclusive benefits, including an additional driver at no additional cost and satellite navigation, redefine the convenience of car hire. Enjoy the privilege of our personalised airport services, with ‘Meet & Greet’ included when you choose London Heathrow Airport or Manchester Airport as your pick-up location.

Discover the pinnacle of luxury car hire with Avis Prestige.

Range Rover Evoque for hire
Range Rover Evoque P300e R-Dynamic HSE
Officially presented at the Geneva Motor Show and after months of anticipation, the Evoque was launched to rave reviews and is one of the most desirable cars to come out of Land Rover since the origin

Range Rover Sport P400e PHEV
Range Rover Sport P400e PHEV
Offering efficiency, power, and comfort without compromising on the Range Rover's iconic design, the P400e PHEV is the ideal luxury car to hire.
Range Rover Sport D300 Autobiography Dynamic
Range Rover Sport Autobiography Dynamic
The Range Rover Sport fits perfectly into the Land Rover stable. The Range Rover Sport is lighter, more agile, more fuel-efficient and available for hire today.
Range Rover Autobiography D350
Range Rover Autobiography D350
The Range Rover Autobiography D350 is impressive and sets a new standard since the iconic original appeared in 1970.
Range Rover Sport Supercharged V8 4X4
Range Rover Sport Supercharged V8 4X4
The Range Rover Sport 5.0-litre Supercharged V8 Machine is one of the most impressive vehicles to hire in the UK. Combining luxury, comfort and off-road ability with a quality driving experience.

The History of the Range Rover

The mighty Range Rover was certainly not designed to be the luxurious status symbol it is known for today. With fans such as the British royals and A-list celebrities favouring Range Rovers over all other vehicles, most enjoy its luxurious interior, comfortable ride, and famous cachet more than its 4x4 off-road capabilities.

Whilst sitting pretty, the Range Rover has the capability to go just about anywhere off road. It was originally designed in 1951 but was however parked in 1958 and remained an untouched design until 1966 when engineers set to work on a new model. The very first Range Rover prototype was built in 1967 and completed in 1969.

Unknown to many, the original Range Rover was only available as a two-door vehicle until 1981, and prior to this, 4-door models were only available with specialist firms.

Range Rovers were most certainly not designed as the luxury-type vehicle we know them for. Whilst it was considered an up-market choice, the early Range Rovers had very basic, utilitarian interiors with plastic vinyl seats and plastic dashboards that were designed as working vehicles that could easily be washed down with a hose inside and out. The luxurious features such as power steering, carpeted floors, air conditioning, fabric and leather seats, were fitted much later and are what we now expect from the vehicle we know and love today.

Land Rovers and Range Rovers exclusively relied on their trademark boxed-section vehicle frames. Both Land Rovers and Range Rovers in the past few years have taken on a unified body and frame structure and from 2010, Range Rover also introduced two-wheel drive variants, the Freelander and the Evoque - a huge change after having built 4x4 cars exclusively for 62 years. 

Experience the ultimate Range Rover with Avis Prestige today. With locations across the UK including major city airports, hiring a Range Rover from Manchester, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow or Birmingham has never been easier.