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01 Mar 2024

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Avis Prestige brings you the latest on what's happening out there in the world of luxury car hire and make your dreams of 'getting your hands on one of those' more of a reality.

Range Rover
Your Gateway to Springtime Adventures

Transform your Easter getaway into a cherished memory with a Range Rover car hire from Avis Prestige.

The Road to Unforgettable UK Getaways

Start your year anew with Avis Prestige and embark on an extraordinary UK adventure, where every twist of the road reveals the breathtaking beauty of the UK landscapes.

SUVs to Lead the Way into 2024

In 2024, the SUV landscape is set to be redefined by a lineup of luxury, power and innovation. Embark on an adventure with Avis Prestige as we start the new year.

Your Gateway to a Seamless UK Airport Car Hire Experience

Discover the epitome of ease and opulence with Avis Prestige’s UK Airport Car Hire Services, promising truly elevated and seamless travel.

Luxury interiors
Make a Statement: The Latest in Luxury Car Interiors

Step into a world of luxury car interiors from Avis Prestige, where opulence and innovation intertwine to redefine the art of driving.

Electric Car Hire
Electric Car Hire: The Future of Driving

Experience the pinnacle of luxury and eco-friendly driving with Avis Prestige’s selection of electric cars.

Unleash the Power of Porsche

Porsche car hire from Avis Prestige is where precision engineering meets luxury and driving becomes an art of passion.

Convenient London Delivery Services

With Avis Prestige’s bespoke delivery services, indulge in the ultimate convenience of car drop-off.

Unforgettable Summer Experiences
Unforgettable Summer Experiences with Avis Prestige

Look no further than Avis Prestige if you want to have a summer vacation to remember.

. With Avis Prestige’s premium hotel car hire service, your visit to London has never been easier.
Discover the UK in Style

Transform your city stay into an extraordinary exploration of the United Kingdom’s top sites with our seamless and convenient car hire service.

Drop into gear with our latest Range Rovers | Avis Prestige
Drop into gear with our Luxury Range Rovers

There is no better way to experience the UK this spring than in a luxurious Range Rover for hire from Avis Prestige. A luxury car rental provides you the chance to visit new locations with ease.

Porsche Taycan
Introducing the Porsche Taycan

The fully electric Porsche Taycan has arrived and is now available to hire at Avis Prestige. This electric sports car combines stunning style, incredible performance, and everyday usability.