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Discover some of the best things to do, places to go and sights to see in the UK with our Travel Guides.

Avis Prestige offers luxury car hire in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and several other major city and airport locations in England and Scotland. Read our Travel Guides for inspiration on where to go once you have collected your luxury vehicle.


Experience Aberdeen's historic charm and modern allure with Avis Prestige's luxury car hire. Start your Scottish adventure at Aberdeen Airport with Avis Prestige.


Discover Edinburgh, Scotland's diverse and culture-packed capital city. Nicknamed 'The Athens of The North', the city is world-renowned for its tireless contributions to academia and the arts.

Glasgow has many popular attractions to explore

As Scotland’s cultural capital, Glasgow has many popular attractions to explore by car, from historic buildings and museums to art galleries and contemporary street art.

Inverness Scotland

Embark on the ultimate adventure with Avis Prestige Inverness Airport car hire, crafting the perfect Scottish Highlands road trip.

London Car Hire

London offers a rich mix of history, art, and cultures from around the globe. There is always something amazing to see and experience in this vibrant city.


The dynamic, fun and culture-packed city of Manchester is an exciting must-see place to visit during your next trip to the UK! There is always something going on in Manchester.


Scotland has incredible sights to see, events to get involved in, fascinating attractions and legendary hospitality, making it an ideal destination to visit all year-round.

Windsor Travel Guide

Indulge in the regal charm of this remarkable destination as you explore its famous landmarks, picturesque countryside, and delightful attractions. Discover the perfect blend of luxury and convenience