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Jaguar F-Type S Cabriolet

Jaguar F-Type S V6 Cabriolet
Age: 30-75 yrs Age: 30-75 yrs
2 Passengers 2 Passengers
1 Small Case 1 Small Case
2 Doors 2 Doors
Automatic (AT) Automatic (AT)
Petrol Petrol

The Jaguar F-Type S Cabriolet is a true two-seat sports car and is the spiritual successor to the legendary Sixties E-Type.

Powered by one of Jaguar’s new generation of V6 380 supercharged engines and an increased range of sophisticated driving technologies including Limited Slip Differential and Sports Suspension, the F-Type S is wonderfully agile and achieves 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds.

The cockpit’s design provides excellent visibility of the road ahead, whilst paddles mounted behind the three-spoke steering wheel allow you to select gears sequentially with your fingertips without taking your hands from the wheel.

An 8-inch colour touch-screen provides a full menu including navigation, communication and entertainment programs and the fully electric roof folds neatly away behind the seats in just 12 seconds without affecting 196-litre boot space.

Hire the Jaguar F-type S Cabriolet From Avis Prestige

Experience Jaguar's first true sports car in over 50 years, and hire the Jaguar F-Type S Cabriolet for your next weekend away. Available to enjoy from all major cities in Britain, you can rely on Avis Prestige for your luxury car hire service in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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