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Mercedes E300 AMG Cabriolet

Min age: 30 yrs
4 Seats
2 Large Cases
2 Small Cases
2 Doors
Automatic (AT)

The Mercedes E300 AMG Cabriolet combines four-seat saloon car practicalities with the sporty feeling of a convertible for those sunny days. Mercedes really does pay attention to detail and the E300 Cabriolet is no exception, employing a fabric hood that can be opened or closed in 20 seconds and which is said to make the cabin almost as quiet as its saloon counterpart.

Top of the feature list is a new AIRCAP system which is a wind deflector that sits at the top of the windscreen to divert the airflow 20cm higher, leaving rear seat passengers un-buffeted by wind when the roof is down. This E300 Cabriolet also boasts a modified AIRSCARF function which means that warm air can be directed up or down by a total of 36-degrees to keep you warm on a cold day with the top down and to allow all-season, open-topped motoring.

Luggage space abounds thanks to the more space-efficient canvas roof which ensures this convertible is a viable four-seater with a decent luggage area (390 litres of boot space with the roof closed, dropping to 300 litres when it is retracted). And to keep you secure there are seven airbags along with 35mm thick roll bars.

This great looking E300 is part of the Avis Prestige convertible/cabriolet range available from Heathrow, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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