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24 Jun 2024

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26 Jun 2024

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The New 2019 Range Rover Evoque is Here!

One of our most popular premium SUVs for hire, with its stylish design and compact footprint, the new 2019 Evoque remains a winning choice for car hire in the UK.

Range Rover Evoque

Originally launched 7 years ago, this popular second-generation Range Rover Evoque may have a new body, taking style tips from the Range Rover Velar, but the overall look and size aren’t very different, keeping to the beautiful lines and practical design of the Evoque.

What’s New?

Land Rover has tightened up the styling and changed the proportions. The creation of a longer wheelbase allows more space for rear passengers, making it one of the roomiest SUVs to hire in its class - with enough space in the boot for a few suitcases and a set of golf clubs. Critically, though, the overall size hasn’t changed much, making this a solid car to drive in cities, navigating the small roads and narrow parking spaces like a dream. Alternately, choose to hit the open road in this comfortable SUV. Long-distance road trips are made even more relaxing thanks to reduced noise levels in the cabin.

Influences from the Velar can be seen in the ultra-clean and modern styling, including broader headlights and pop-out door handles. Land Rover Range Rover has successfully kept the distinctive design of the early Evoque while updating and modernizing it. The extra space was also necessary for the new mild hybrid system, helping fuel economy.  

The Evoque isn’t your normal mid-size family crossover, we can’t forget it’s a Range Rover after all. Keeping to the Range Rover tradition it needs a luxury cabin, defined not just by the style, but by the technology as well. The new Range Rover Evoque digital infotainment system works well and looks good. Two central touchscreens, similar to the larger Velar, one digital display behind the steering wheel, and plenty of gadgets, including Apple Car Play and Android Auto, all working together to create a seamless, well-integrated infotainment system.

Land Rover has made the new Evoque more spacious, more practical, more comfortable, more refined, higher-tech and more luxurious than ever. Without a doubt, we believe Land Rover has succeeded in delivering a class-leading mid-size SUV. Avis Prestige is excited to announce we have brought this popular, eye-catching car to our premium SUV range for hire. The new 2019 Range Rover Evoque is ready to hire today from any of our UK locations, including central city and airport pickup destinations. Hire your Range Rover Evoque today.

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