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26 May 2024

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28 May 2024

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As seen on BBC Breakfast

New research from Avis reveals a surge in posh motor hires as Brits vie to ‘Keep up with the Joneses' The trend doesn't stop at cars – we're keeping up appearances with handbags, designer clothes and even speed boats...

England luxury car hire

 Occasions Brits look to upgrade to a luxury vehicle include:

  • Attending a friend’s wedding (37%)
  • Going on a date (29%)
  • Attending a school reunion (28%)
  • Going for a job interview (26%)
  • Attending a party with an ‘ex’ on the guest list (19%)
  • Meeting the in-laws (14%) 

Over a third (35%) admit the reason for hiring a luxurious car would be to give the impression they are doing well for themselves, to stand out from the crowd (18%) and to be taken more seriously (14%). Brits also agree that appearing to lead a lavish lifestyle gives a better first impression (29%), means people are nicer to you (27%) and assume you earn more money (27%).

Dr. Peter Collett, psychologist and author of Driving Passion: The Psychology of the Car comments: “When people hire a car, one of their concerns is what impact the car they’ve selected is likely to have on people they encounter. For example driving a BMW 5 Series gives others the impression you’re totally in control, so it’s the surest way to turbo-charge your image and polish up your reputation! While racy movies have lent enormous cachet to the Audi brand by depicting futuristic models performing super-automotive feats. Drivers of this car can expect to give the impression they are daring and more willing to take risks.” 


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