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Enjoy a Golf Break in Scotland

For any serious player, experiencing golf holidays in Scotland is on their bucket list. As the birthplace of the game and home to some of the most spectacular courses in the world, there's little doubt why golfers from around the world flock to Scotland each year for a golfing holiday.

Scotland luxury car hire services

Enjoy the freedom of your Scottish golfing trip and hire a car with Avis Prestige. Our car rental locations are conveniently located around Scotland, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness and Aberdeen. 

Top 5 reasons to visit Scotland for your next golfing holiday:

1. Play the oldest golf course in the world

Known as the Musselburgh Old Links, this historic nine-hole course is recognised by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest surviving golf course. Documented evidence proves that golf was played here as early as 1672, although it’s been reputed that Mary, Queen of Scots played here in 1567.  For a unique golfing experience, you can hire hickory golf clubs and play the game as if you went back in time.

2. The views

Scottish residents and visitors alike are dazzled by the beautiful scenery all around. Enjoy a round (or two!) of golf with stellar sea views, rolling hills, snow-capped mountains, lochs, forests and more.

3. After dinner golf

One of the greatest lures to Scottish golf is the abundance of daylight hours in the summer. At the height of summer, it can remain light up until 11:30 pm – giving you plenty of time to get a round in after work or dinner.

4. Perfect for touring

With over 550 courses within a relatively small area, it is understandable why players come from all around the world to play golf in Scotland. You can easily travel around Scotland, enjoying multiple courses in one trip. The convenience of renting a car in Scotland will allow you to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of visiting as many courses as you desire!

5. The “home of golf” – St. Andrews

This historic seaside and university town north of Edinburgh on Fife’s east coast is home to seven golf courses with the Old Course at St. Andrews at its heart. Playing the Old Course is an ultimate bucket-list item for most golfers. It’s hard to argue against the fact that this is the most iconic golf course in the world and one that all golf enthusiasts should experience. Pick up your premium rental car from our central Edinburgh location or Edinburgh airport and be at the “home of golf” in less than two hours!

Enjoy a Scottish Break with Avis Prestige

Notorious for a welcoming atmosphere, friendly people, amazing scenery and top-notch golf courses, we are sure choosing Scotland for your next golf vacation will not disappoint even the most seasoned golfers. Hiring a car with Avis Prestige will allow you to have the freedom to visit many courses over your visit, giving you the best experience from the Lowlands to the Highlands. Get in contact with our friendly and professional team and let us know how we can help you experience Scotland today.

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