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Our Fleet by Type

Well not everybody thinks shall I have a Range Rover Sport Supercharged HST or a Porsche 911 C4S Coupe...

...some of us simply think 'How about a nice drive with the top down' or 'You know wouldn't it be fab to go for a spin in a Supercar'.

So the people at Avis Prestige have built these handy lists to help you find the perfect car for you.

If for some reason you just can't find that car you always wanted or you absolutely need to know if it comes with a red leather interior & MP3 player, just call us on 020 7591 0444 and the mad keen car loving people at Avis Prestige will do everything they car to help (within reason!).

Oh and don't forget to look at our special offers for that fab weekend on a budget.

Available Cars

4x4 SUV

Luxury SUVs make the ideal vehicles for a family holiday, an important site meeting or a day out at a prestige outdoor event. Avis Prestige supplies a full range of 4x4 luxury hire vehicles. Our 4x4's are based at Heathrow, Central London, Manchester and Scotland (Edinburgh & Glasgow). We can also arrange for a personal "meet & greet" at most regional airports.

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Avis Prestige provides luxury convertible and cabriolet cars for your enjoyment including from Jaguar and Mercedes. Hire a convertible in the UK and enjoy the ride! 

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An Avis Prestige coupe is the sophisticated and relaxed way to get from A to B and makes an ideal and unusual birthday present. Add a touch af glamour to the day with Avis Prestige.

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Electric and Hybrids

Are you looking for an eco-friendly car hire service in the UK? Avis Prestige has a range of green cars including, hybrids, low emission, electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids for you to choose from.

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Avis Prestige Executive Car Rental offers executive luxury car hire with all the trimmings. For when you need to arrive in style.

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Sports car hire from Avis Prestige is the perfect answer for those moments when you want that perfect balance of luxury and speed.

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Want the Supercar of your dreams... well now you can hire the world's greatest performance cars by the most sought-after marques from one of the biggest rental car names on the market.

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