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<< Latest News / A big welcome to our three new cabriolets!

A big welcome to our three new cabriolets!


A big welcome to our three new cabriolets!

As there really is nothing better than driving on long country roads, surrounded by stunning scenery with the top down, we’ve added three new options for you! Because we all secretly love the wind in our hair, right?

Driving around in a convertible can be a breathtaking experience and is a great way to really take everything in, whether you’re driving through the city or countryside! With our range of luxury cabriolet cars, you can arrange to rent one for as long as you would like. For a wedding, special occasion, holiday, or just because you feel like it, a stunning soft top is always the perfect choice.



We are extremely excited to announce three new vehicles within our range! On top of the fantastic collection of vehicles already in the cabriolet range, we now have the Mercedes S560 AMG Cabriolet, Mercedes E300 AMG and the Mercedes E400 AMG Line 4Matic!

Read on to discover more about each of these fantastic additions.

Mercedes S560 AMG Cabriolet

The luxurious Mercedes S560 AMG Line cabriolet is one of the most comfortable and elegant convertibles on UK roads and is yours to hire and experience with Avis Prestige. The Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet hire shares the same front end design as the Mercedes S-Class Coupe, with the same wonderfully finished cabin with extremely comfortable electronically adjustable and heated seats that are covered in Soft-touch leather. The fully electric fabric roof folds neatly away in just 20 seconds.



Mercedes E300 AMG Cabriolet

Combining four seat saloon car practicalities with the sporty feeling of a convertible, this Mercedes is great for those long awaited sunny days. Featuring the new AIRCAP system, a wind deflector that sits at the top of the windscreen to divert the airflow, your passengers will be left un-buffeted by the wind! And, with a hood that can be opened or closed in just 20 seconds, you can always be ready for the ever changing British weather.



Mercedes E400 AMG Line 4Matic

This impressive vehicle made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show last year. As well as the AIRCAP system, both of these vehicles also boast a modified AIRSCARF function, meaning that warm air can be directed around the vehicle to keep you warm on those colder day, even when you’ve got the top down. The spacious interior makes this a fabulous hire car choice for any requirements!



All 3 of these sporty and attractive Mercedes are available to hire today from Heathrow, London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh.